Transplant Community Alliance is dedicated to providing resources to meet the needs of all organ transplant recipients, candidates, caregivers and families in Arizona.  The Alliance sponsors and manages Transplant Team Arizona; all of the athletes on the team are organ transplant recipient, donor family members or supporters.  By participating with the team, they are drawing awareness to the critical need of Arizonans to register their wish to be an organ, tissue and eye donor and to end the wait for a life-saving organ transplant (there are 2,000 Arizonans on the waitlist right now).  They are also making their health a priority by staying physically fit!

Donations and proceeds from events and raffles for the Transplant Team of Arizona go directly to assisting the team and with the costs associated with the Transplant Games of America.  The organization is a registered nonprofit and the tax id is 86-0618929.  If you need a receipt for tax purposes, please email your request to or call 602-277-2661.

Thank you for your support!