We are in need of volunteers to work at the racetrack with ProAutoSports collecting signatures from drivers. We also get donations for the Team from drivers, so this is very important!

Here are the dates we need volunteers for:

October 7, 2017
October 8, 2017
October 28, 20017
October 29, 2017

If you are interested, call 602-277-2661 or email info@transplantteamaz.org

What is working the track?

Our association with ProAutoSports started many years ago, long before I was involved with Transplant Team Arizona. The original founder of our group, John Landers, was a racer with ProAutoSports before getting sick; he needed a heart transplant. He received his heart and started Transplant Team AZ with an evolving relationship with ProAutoSports.

Larry and Vicky Pond owned ProAutoSports then and has since sold the business to Dylan and Hurley Hatch. Vicky still runs a driver’s safety business, so you will frequently find her and Larry at the track!

Dylan and Hurley provide a pop-up tent and two way radios for use to use when we are there. They also provide chairs, however if you have a comfortable one, bring it. At most events there is a food trailer and ProAutoSports covers the cost for the volunteers. If you need something to drink, get it from the registration trailer and not from the food trailer.

I appreciate all of the time and hard work you provide as a volunteer! I look forward to seeing you out at the track.


Dan Baran
Transplant Team AZ

General Instructions

Our main purpose at any track we work at is to collect liability signatures from everyone entering the racing area that ProAutoSports has lined up for a race. As people approach the admission gate, we hand them a clipboard for everyone in the vehicle to print and sign their name. If there are minors, ask the parents to print the minors name and sign their own name next to the child’s name.

While signatures are being collected, we ask for donations for Transplant Team Arizona. Some of the racers/attendees have been coming to the track for over 20 years and will have cash in their hands and will hand it over before we can even ask for a donation. Of course, some people ignore our requests. Not everyone is generous, but that’s ok! Keep asking!

At the end of the day someone needs to organize and count the money. There should be some Ziploc bags in our box. Organize the bills and count each denomination. Write the total of each denomination on the bag and upon completion, take to box and money to Dylan or Hurley.

If the gate is not setup upon arrival, go to the registration trailer and tell the guys what you need. Once everything is setup it is advisable to pre-fill out the top and bottom lines of the liability release. The top line has the name of the event and the date. The bottom line has the signature of the witness (you) and the address. We have just been writing TTA in this field. If this is not done before people start signing the forms, they end up signing on the witness line.

Most of the racing is done at the Wild Horse Pass Raceway (Firebird Raceway) near Chandler
Track Specific Instructions

At all of the Wild Horse Pass tracks, we will have racing packets to hand out. These packets contain racing information and wristbands that allow drivers on the track. When someone arrives it is important to ask if they preregistered to race or if they have a packet. If they have preregistered, their packet is in a box that is brought out to the gate. The packets are arranged alphabetically. If we do not have a packet, tell the driver to go to registration. The West track and Main track only follow these instructions. If you zoom in on these pictures you will see they are different.

Wild Horse Pass East Track

This is the most interesting track to work and absolutely requires at least two people to work the gate. With this track, attendees must drive across the racetrack. This means we have to be a crossing guard and keep all traffic off the track during a race. Before the racing starts, we sign everyone in, collect donations and let them through. Once the racing starts, the entrance gate is kept closed until we are told to open it.

At this track, we always have the radios. You will usually hear them say “White Flag” towards the end of the race and then “Checkered Flag” at the race conclusion. When you hear the first announcement, start walking to the gate. Wait until they say to open the gate. As you open the gate tell them that the gate is opened. When the gate is opened encourage everyone waiting to hurry up and get through the gate. At the same time, there will be traffic that wants to leave. Most of those leaving in the morning are going to a gas station across I-10 that sells racing fuel. It is important that we get everyone in and out the gate as fast as possible, so the racing can continue as scheduled. When all traffic has crossed the track, we will be told to close the gate. Close the gate immediately and tell them that the gate is closed.

Wild Horse Pass East, West and Main Track off of I10 and Wild Horse Pass

Arizona MotorSports Park (Litchfield) 15402 W Camelback Rd, Litchfield Park, AZ 8534