Transplant Games of America 2018

August 2 -7, 2018

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What are the Games?

The games are a multi-sport festival event to help promote the need for Organ & Tissue donation. The purpose is to show the world that transplantation is a treatment that does indeed work.  As a participant, you get to show the world that having a transplant is a second chance at life.

Who can compete?

To participate as an athlete, you must meet the Division One or Division Two requirements:

Division One requirements: You have received a life-altering solid organ transplant
Division Two requirements: You are a living donor, tissue, cornea, or bone marrow transplant recipient

Other Requirements:

  • Transplant has occurred at least 9 months prior to the start of the games
  • You are in healthy condition
  • Your doctor has signed a medical waiver allowing you to participate
  • You have signed a form stating that you meet all the above requirements

You must become a member of Transplant Team of Arizona to compete.  Go to to apply for membership.

More Information

Head over to Transplant Games’ website for results from 2016, sports and divisions for 2018, resources for registration, travel and teams info.